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Solar panel stopped working

Feb 3, 2021

Solar panel stopped working

Solar panel stopped working.

Homeowners called Sharpe Services when they realised their solar panels had stopped producing energy. Sharpe Services techs get calls every day like this to inspect and test for problems in older solar systems or those that were originally badly installed by other operators.

The life of any system depends on the quality of the original components and how well they were installed in the first place.

In this case a fuse had blown. Fuses are one of the critical components in a rooftop solar system, protecting against wiring or a panel getting too hot and melting, causing a fire.

Both the fuse and its associated wiring needs to be sized correctly for the system it is protecting.

Sharpe Services techs are experts in detecting what is going wrong with a solar system. It doesn’t matter who has installed it or how old it is, Sharpe techs are happy to work on it.

If your system hasn’t been inspected and tested for a few years, now is the time to book a call for a Sharpe tech. Often solar systems degrade in performance so slowly it barely shows up on the power bill.

Only detective work by professionals using specialist testing equipment can uncover the source of these niggling issues.

Don’t wait for a total system failure, book a service and safety test now.

As part of their work Sharpe techs can install a weatherproof cover for your isolator, another vital component. This is the best way to make sure it will last as long as possible.

Make sure your solar system is making you money, not costing you money in lost generation.

Use Easy Book online or call Sharpe Services so our fully-licensed technicians can ensure your solar is operating at peak efficiency.

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