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Replace with the best

Feb 1, 2021

Replace with the best

Replace with the best

When it’s time to replace your old split-system airconditioner what’s the best brand to go with, how big should the system be, how energy-efficient and “green” is it, what’s the warranty?

Sharpe Services has been in business for over four decades and has all the answers. Sharpe’s range of industry-leading airconditioners come with long-term reliability, performance and warranties.

Airconditioning technology has come a long way in the past decade or so. The latest systems are whisper quiet and incredibly energy efficient.

A key consideration when replacing an aircon is choosing one that is correctly sized for the area being cooled or heated.

Recently Sharpe techs installed a 7.1kw ActronAir Serene split system.

Australian-made for our local hard conditions, the Serene has corrosion protection on vital parts.

Intuitive controls include 12 fans settings for the internal unit with a Turbo Zone feature to get the Serene to full comfort capacity quickly. Five outdoor fan speeds help achieve greater energy efficiency while reducing sound levels to the minimum.

To keep the air as healthy as possible there is a high-efficiency filter with bio enzymes that can capture up to 99 per cent of airborne particles, such as dust, pollen, fungi and bacteria. As well there is a self-clean function that minimises the build-up of dust and mould inside the unit.

A crucial part of any new aircon is how well the system is installed and how carefully the associated plumbing and electrics are routed. Sharpe techs take great pride in how the finished job looks and will go that little bit extra to get things looking neat and tidy.

Sharpe Services are experts in cooling and heating systems. Call us today if you are having performance problems with your older system.  

How well is your older airconditioner going? Is it getting near the end of its life?

Use Easy Book online or call Sharpe Services so our fully-licensed technicians can assess what needs to be done to get you comfortable again for the rest of summer.

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