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Old school’s not always cool

Feb 24, 2021

Old school’s not always cool

Old school’s not always cool

Many of us love our older houses. Build like a battleship, they seem safe and invincible. But how old are their wiring systems? Has the old switchboard been continually updated over the years to accept our modern appliances but still has some old school fittings?

Recently Sharpe Services got an after-hours emergency call to this house in one of Adelaide’s oldest suburbs after a total power loss.

It was soon obvious that this switchboard, despite various upgrades, still had ancient bakelite and ceramic switches and fuses installed and running.

If your switchboard looks like this it really isn’t worth persisting with such obsolete components, even if it has a safety switch installed.

Electrical circuits need Residual Current Devices, not just safety switches, because only RCD’s prevent electrocution.

Our Sharpe Services tech got power restored and fitted an RCD on the circuit that tripped. We then quoted for an affordable switchboard upgrade. This also involved removing the asbestos lining in the old board.

How old is your house? Does its electrical systems meet current safety standards?

Only a professional, such as a Sharpe Services tech, can test and check household wiring and issue a certificate of compliance to confirm it meets current legal standards.

Sharpe Services are experts in affordable, fully compliant switchboard upgrades.

Don’t play Russian Roulette with your old switchboard! Get Sharpe to check your household electrics for peace of mind and your family’s safety.

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