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Electrics just blew up

Feb 4, 2021

Electrics just blew up

Electrics just blew up

This household was surprised when their switchboard suddenly made a loud banging sound and they lost power to half their house.

Our Sharpe Services’ tech was surprised they still had a switchboard like this, with Fifties-era circuit breakers and no Residual Current Device to guard against electrocution.

Electrical standards had been updated several times since this house was first built. Safety switches have been required in new house builds and renovations since 1991 but as this house was in original condition it had missed out.

How old is your house? Does its electrical systems meet current safety standards?

Only a professional, such as a Sharpe Services tech, can test and check household wiring and issue a certificate of compliance to confirm it meets current legal standards.

The SA Metropolitan Fire Service says overloaded electrical circuits, faulty equipment and misuse of electrical equipment are common causes of fires in homes.

This is especially true in older houses that have missed out on the switchboard upgrades needed to run modern electrical appliances.

Occupants of these houses often overload powerpoints by piggybacking appliances off a powerboard or plugging an appliance into a powerpoint that draws way more electricity than the circuit can handle.

Then there is the issue of old wiring and its insulation that may have cracked and be posing a risk of electrocution or house fire.

The MFS says surge arrestors and RCDs should be fitted to switchboards to give complete protection against current overload, electrocution or a house fire.

Sharpe Services are experts in affordable, fully compliant switchboard upgrades. Talk to us today if you have any worries about your household’s electrics. 

Confident your switchboard is up to standard? Get your household electrics checked now for peace of mind and your family’s safety.

Use Easy Book online or call Sharpe Services on 131 750 so our technicians can make you safe and sound this coming winter.

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