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Post-holiday solar check

Jan 18, 2021

Post-holiday solar check

Post-holiday solar check

So you’re back from Christmas holidays and have looked over your property to make sure everything is shipshape.

But have you checked whether your solar system is still functioning at full efficiency? Dry summer

Thunderstorms and similar weather events can wreak havoc on systems.

Check your inverter for any error codes or if you have wifi monitoring, examine the production log.

As this recent Sharpe Services job shows, isolators are a common weak link in older systems.

The waterproofing seals on previous generation isolators can degrade, letting in moisture.

Other causes of short circuits are loose and corroded joints and cracked insulation in the system’s

wiring, damage from vermin, or poor original installations which sees vital cabling collapsing onto a hot summer roof.

In this instance, Sharpe techs replaced a malfunctioning isolator with the latest version and fitted it with a weatherproof cover for the ultimate protection from the elements.

Our techs also replaced older plastic wiring ties with the latest metal-reinforced clips.

Sharpe Services techs are available now to check your solar system for safety and performance.

How well is your solar performing? Do you have one of the older system isolators that are subject to industry recall?

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