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Older evaps need regular TLC

Jan 25, 2021

Older evap needs regular TLC

Older evaps need regular TLC

It’s a mistake many homeowners make. They only worry about their cooling systems when they start playing up.

Evaporative cooling systems need regular servicing to set them up for summer and close them down for winter. This isn’t an expensive procedure and the small outlay pays dividends in containing running costs and reducing the need for expensive repairs.

When a cooling system isn’t running properly it sucks up huge amounts of electricity while putting a strain on crucial parts of the unit.

Sharpe Services were called to this Adelaide property recently after the owner phoned to say the evap wasn’t doing its job of cooling.

Our tech went over the whole system, checking and testing components. Apart from dirty filter pads, the unit was in reasonable condition for its age. However it needed a new water inlet valve to bring it back up to full performance spec.

This valve controls the water delivery and because an evap works by drawing hot air through moist filter pads it is a crucial component of the system.

Sharpe techs are experienced in all types of evaporative cooling systems. Remember, to get the best out of a quality evap you need regular and professional servicing. Call Sharpe Services today and book a service for your unit.

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