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Evap Service explained

Jan 28, 2021

Evap Service explained

Evap Service explained

Many people don’t want to know how their evaporative cooling system works. They just want to know that it works correctly.

Recently a Sharpe Services client booked one of our scheduled evap services with a request for our tech to explain to her exactly what our work involved.

Sharpe Services always completes a detailed checklist that is ticked off as the service progresses. A signed copy is handed to the client on completion.

Our techs take detailed photos of the unit before it is serviced to confirm what condition it is in. Then they use specialist diagnostic equipment to check the electrics, including fan speed and pump operation. Air flow is tested and confirmed to be within manufacturer’s specifications, as is the water flow rate.

The bleed-off control is checked. This important component prevents a build-up of damaging mineral deposits in the system. The correct setting of the bleed rate will ultimately determine the service life of the unit. Lubricant is applied to bearings and shafts, another important aspect of ensuring system longevity. The system is completely cleaned and an Ezydose sanitiser applied.

In this case the pads had a “new smell” to them. Our tech explained this is quite usual and fades as the unit gets used more in hotter weather. To get the best out of a quality evaporative cooling system you need regular and professional servicing. Call Sharpe Services today and book a service.

Sharpe Services are experts in evap installations, servicing and repairs. Call us today.

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