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Easy Split-System replace

Jan 29, 2021

Easy Split-System replace

Easy Split-System replace

When the owners of this property realised their old split-system air conditioner had stopped blowing out cold air they phoned Sharpe Services.

One of our experienced, fully qualified and insured techs was quickly on the scene to work out what the problem was.

Older split-system air conditioners can give many years of service but eventually they will need replacing. Often this is around the 20-year period.

While not many homeowners are ever happy about having to replace what they have come to regard as “old faithful” the benefits of replacement far outweigh the other option, a costly repair of an obsolete unit.

Air Conditioning technology has come ahead in leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades. Systems are way quieter and very energy-efficient, consuming much less power than older models while providing better comfort levels of cooling and heating.

A crucial part of replacing an air conditioner is getting one sized correctly for the space being cooled or heated. In this case our tech chose an ActronAir 035 model from Sharpe Services’ large range of quality systems. This particular ActronAir model is the perfect size for the bedroom space it is servicing.

Australian-made, it comes with a five-star energy rating, has a set-and-forget timer that restarts automatically if there is a power blackout, features the latest air-flow technology and is whisper quiet.

Part of this installation involved a minor modification to the house’s electrical system. This was also undertaken to the same standard as the installation of the internal and outdoor components of the new system.

Sharpe Services are experts in cooling and heating systems. Call us today if you are experiencing issues with your older system.

How well is your older airconditioner going? Is it getting near the end of its life?

Use Easy Book online or call Sharpe Services so our fully-licensed technicians can assess what needs to be done to get you comfortable again for the rest of summer.

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