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Check your Solar after Heatwave

Jan 25, 2021

Check your Solar after Heatwave

Check your Solar after Heatwave

A heatwave like we’ve been experiencing for the past few days puts huge strain on a solar system.

If the air temperature is 35C the reflected heat of a roof can be as high as 60C. How long do you think you would survive in that temperature?

Medical experts tell us that we would quickly start to succumb to hyperthermia. Our body core would start to superheat, impairing our ability to function correctly. This is called heat exhaustion.

The next phase, called heatstroke, often causes irreversible damage and can result in death. The body reacts to the heat by dilating blood vessels in the skin to try cool the blood. This process eventually releases toxins from other parts of the body into the bloodstream, causing a series of mini-strokes.

These can end in death or at the least some form of permanent brain damage.

Did you know that your solar panels face a similar situation in a heatwave? Generally speaking, solar panels like warm sunlight but not extreme heat.

Older systems in particular are susceptible to permanent damage in a heatwave. Any flaws or weakness in older solar panels will be exposed. At the very least solar generation will drop dramatically in these conditions.

As solar technology has advanced in recent years it’s comforting to know that the latest generation of panels have been designed to operate efficiently in a heatwave. Sure, their performance will drop slightly but they will still be producing more than enough energy to power your hard-working airconditioning system.

So what should you do once the heatwave ends and everything is getting back to normal?

Simply check your inverter for any error codes or if you have wifi monitoring, examine its production log online.

If you have any concerns, Sharpe Services techs are available now to check your solar system for safety and performance.

How well is your solar performing? Is it surviving the current heatwave conditions?

Use Easy Book online or call Sharpe Services so our certified and experienced solar technicians can safety-check and service your system.

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