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Wind and dust the enemy

Dec 11, 2020

Wind and dust the enemy

Wind and dust the enemy

The past few months Adelaide has experienced extremes of weather. From a mini-heatwave to brief torrential rain to constant winds, sometimes approaching gale force, we’ve had it all.

So how’s your evaporative cooler coping with all this?

Wind and dust can be a deadly enemy to an evap, which relies on fans drawing hot air across cooling water to work.

To get the best out of a quality evaporative cooling system you need regular and professional servicing.

When you book a Sharpe Services’ scheduled evap season opening and service you get the full works.

In this case at a property Paralowie property, our tech checked and tested all components. Two especially important functions are water levels, and whether the inlet float valve and system dump valve are set correctly, and the fan, which circulates the air.

Another important part of the service was a deep clean of the entire system. Dust and wind-blown debris can cause havoc if it gets into the workings of an evap.  

A sanitiser was also applied to make the unit as hygienic as possible.

The comprehensive checklist was ticked off, signed by the Sharpe Service tech and a copy given to the homeowner. Now this household is set up for a worry-free summer.

Sharpe Services are available now to open up your evap for summer. Call us today.

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