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Split-system best option

Dec 10, 2020

Split-system best option

Split-system best option

How are you going so far in this strange summer? Hot as hell one week, then back to chilly nights and almost autumn coolness in the morning for the next week.

There is one cooling-heating system that works best in these circumstances. It’s reverse-cycle air conditioning.

The most affordable version of this is a split-system. It can be installed in the exact part of the house that most needs cooling or heating. Installation usually is straightforward.

Because Sharpe Services has all the trades and services under one roof, our techs can dovetail each other’s work to get the installation done quickly and efficiently.

Split-system technology has been transformed in the past five years with the best systems whisper-quiet and extremely cost-efficient to run.

Even replacing a system less than 10 years old can reduce your electricity cost of running it by up to 40 per cent.

Sharpe Services are experts in cooling. Our fully certified and experienced techs can make sure your system is working efficiently. If it needs replacement we have a huge range of options.

We will correctly size the system to suit the area you are cooling or heating and ensure you get the exact system that suits your needs.

Is your air conditioner underperforming or just plain worn out?

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