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Solar inverter: All you need to know

Dec 3, 2020

Solar inverter: All you need to know

Solar inverter: All you need to know

It is not unusual for the inverter on older or poorly-installed solar systems to fail.

Here is one of Sharpe Services’ recent replacement jobs, this time at a property in Mawson Lakes.

To refresh your memory, the inverter is that box you see on the wall, usually near to the switchboard. It is a vital and hardworking part of the system, converting the direct current (DC) generated by your solar panels to alternating current (AC). This AC current then powers your household’s electricity circuits.

Regardless of the brand, all inverters should be Clean Energy Council-approved and meet the relevant Australian industry standard.

Designed to be installed outdoors, inverters usually are weatherproof but excessive heat can degrade their performance and shorten their lifespan.

Sharpe Services can assess and supply all major, industry-leading inverter brands. So if you have a problem with your inverter, we have it covered.

It pays to always get the best quality solar components installed and by companies that will stand by their warranties.

Regularly check the display panel on your inverter, or use your wi-fi system manager, to confirm your solar system is operating correctly.

Finally, book a solar service if your system hasn’t been inspected and tested for a few years. Often the performance of a solar system can degrade so slowly it’s only detected by professionals using specialist testing equipment.

Make sure your solar system is making you money, not costing you money in lost generation.

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