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La Niña means water leaks

Dec 7, 2020

La Niña means water leaks

La Niña means water leaks

This summer won’t follow normal weather patterns. The La Niña effect means there will be sudden, almost torrential downpours when we least expect it.

Already Sharpe Services has attended emergency callouts to properties affected by flooding caused by stormwater pipes becoming overloaded or failing after getting bunged up by roots.

This time we sorted out broken pipework at a Cumberland Park property.

The connection from the downpipe to the stormwater drainage system had cracked. Our tech dug up the area and replaced the damaged section.

If left undetected water leaks like this cause a range of problems. These include encouraging white ants to invade the area. In the case of a brick wall, chronic moisture creates a condition that is perfect for rising damp to begin.

With 30 vans and over 40 years in business Sharpe Services has experienced techs covering all trades and systems. Call us today if you have any issues at your place.

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