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Keep Santa Safe from Christmas Killjoys

Dec 23, 2020

Keep Santa Safe from Christmas Killjoys

Keep Santa Safe from Christmas Killjoys

It’s been a tough few months for Santa, keeping his elves, reindeer and himself safe from Covid-19.

Now you can help make sure he finishes the year safe and sound. How?

Simple. While the Christmas holiday period is a time of family relaxation and celebration there are also risks present that you can mitigate.

Chief among them are electrical failures, burnouts and even electrocutions. These are Christmas killjoys that can easily be prevented.

Too many people overload switchboards with appliances as the family gathers at this time of year, not thinking about the possible consequences.

Overloaded switchboard circuits can easily result in a house fire as well as creating a risk of electrocution. Don’t take chances. Make sure your switchboard and household electrics are safe, compliant and ready for the holiday overload period.

It doesn’t cost much to upgrade your switchboard with RCD devices. These act like a guardian angel, waiting to react in an instant to prevent electrocution.

The risks don’t just exist inside the house. Home workshops and patio entertaining areas may also not have electrics that are up to standard.

So call Sharpe Services today for a pre-Christmas safety check.

Are your household’s electrics up-to-date and meeting current legal standards?

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