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Gas instant Hot Water a winner

Dec 18, 2020

Gas instant Hot Water a winner

Gas instant Hot Water a winner.

Smaller houses, apartments and holiday hideaways are perfect candidates for gas instant hot water systems.

Also referred to as continuous-flow hot water, these systems are reliable and economical to run. They also take up very little space.

The latest generation gas instant hot water systems have eco-friendly features including low emission burners, water saving technology and sophisticated temperature controls.

Here is a system Sharpe Services recently installed, along with a weatherproof power point.

Gas instant hot water systems need regular professional servicing to keep them operating at peak efficiency.

How long since you had yours checked and tested? Is the water running suddenly hot and then cold? Is it only lukewarm? Does it take a while for the system to actually start sending through hot water?

As Sharpe Services has a supply chain to the industry’s best and most trusted brands, we can complete affordable repairs or advise on and supply the most appropriate replacement system for your situation.

Sharpe Services are available now to service and safety check all your gas systems and appliances. Call us today.

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