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Bunged-up drain sorted

Dec 14, 2020

Bunged-up drain sorted

Bunged-up drain sorted

This is the sort of nightmare you don’t want to have over the holiday period.

Our client’s bathroom drains started making strange sounds and water was slow to empty away.

Our fully qualified and insured tech was soon on the scene as we work year round, even over the holiday period.

There are many reasons household drains slowly get blocked. Strands of hair washed down the shower. Oil, grease, fats and food scraps entering the kitchen drain. Inappropriate products flushed down the toilet. There are more than a dozen ways drains get blocked in everyday use.

Blockages will happen quicker if the pipework was incorrectly installed originally with insufficient fall for the water to run away.

Sharpe Services has decades of experience unblocking drains in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and toilets. Our techs know how to complete the job without disturbing or damaging delicate tiles and fittings.

Symptoms of clogged drains include gurgling sounds or a toilet that doesn’t flush properly. This is a potential health risk so call Sharpe Services straight away.

We are here to help and now the challenge is too hard for us.

Sharpe Services’ techs are experts in clearing delicate internal drainage pipes.

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