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Benefits of annual checklist

Dec 9, 2020

Benefits of annual checklist

​Benefits of annual checklist

When you book Sharpe Services to open up your evap cooler for summer, you get a detailed checklist of exactly what has been done.

Here is an example of an evap Sharpe Services opened up for summer recently.

First our fully qualified, insured and experienced tech confirmed the exact model and took photographs to document its overall condition.

Then he used his specialist diagnostic equipment to check the electrics, including fan speed and pump operation. Air flow was confirmed to be within manufacturer’s specifications, as was the water flow rate.

The bleed-off control was checked. This important component prevents a build-up of damaging mineral deposits in the system. The correct setting of the bleed rate will ultimately determine the service life of the unit.

Lubricant was applied to bearings and shafts, another important aspect of ensuring system longevity.

The system was completely cleaned and a sanitiser applied.

After this comprehensive checklist was ticked off, it was signed by the Sharpe Service tech and a copy given to the homeowner.

To get the best out of a quality evaporative cooling system you need regular and professional servicing. Call Sharpe Services today and book a service.

Sharpe Services are available now to open up your evap for summer. Call us today.

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