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Warning sign says it all

Nov 25, 2020

Warning sign says it all

Warning sign says it all

You only have to look at this photo to realise that an electrical fault can easily spark a house fire.

The sign says it all: Warning: Hazardous DC voltage.

In this case, the isolator suffered a short-circuit, burning out the entire unit. Often this happens during a thunderstorm or torrential rain.

 The waterproofing seals on older isolators can degrade, letting in moisture. Everyone knows water and electricity don’t mix.

 Other causes of short circuits are loose and corroded joints and cracked insulation in the system’s wiring, damage from rodents, or poor original installations which sees vital cabling collapsing onto a searing hot summer roof.

 This is why Sharpe Services urges homeowners to check their solar inverter for an error code, especially after wild weekend weather like we have just experienced.

Sharpe Services techs are available now to check your solar system for safety and performance.

 We can also give your isolator the ultimate protection by fitting a weatherproof cover.

How safe is your solar? Do you have one of the isolators subject to industry recall?

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