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Peace of mind for summer

Nov 24, 2020

Peace of mind for summer

Peace of mind for summer

It’s important to get your evaporative cooler professionally prepared for summer. Why?

Evap coolers are asked to work tirelessly through the heat of summer, then survive a winter of hibernation.

This can result in a build-up of mould and bacteria, while rust and corrosion can form on the metal framework and vital working components.

Only a professional service and safety check will give you peace of mind for summer while avoiding potentially expensive repairs after a component failure.

In this case a Sharpe Services scheduled evap season opening and service involved the system being deep cleaned and checked that it was operating within the manufacturer’s specifications.

All major items were ticked off the checklist, including the need to replace a flexible hose that had split. This item was fixed on the spot.

The checklist was signed by the Sharpe Service tech and a copy given to the homeowner.

Is your evap set up for summer? Beat the rush of summer evap opens and call Sharpe Services today.

Sharpe Services are available now to open up your evap for summer. Call us today.

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