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Neat and tidy install

Nov 23, 2020

Neat and tidy install

Neat and tidy install

It’s a big day when you get battery storage installed. Finally you are throwing off the shackles of an ever-increasing power bill to own your own energy. But how well has your system been installed?

Has it been done by fully-qualified, experienced and insured techs? Has it been completed in a neat and tidy manner?

Recently Sharpe Services installed this Tesla Powerwall at an Adelaide property. Our techs listened carefully to the homeowner to get specific instructions on the exact location of the Powerwall. It was then explained how this would be achieved and what the finished install would look like.

As you can see great care was taken to end up with clean lines of cabling and exact positioning of the Powerwall and its associated components.

It’s the little details, such as location and routing of cabling, switches and other important elements, that can make or break the success of an installation like this.

That’s why Sharpe Services goes the extra distance to get the job done properly. 

Sharpe Services does much more than just maintenance and repairs.

Our certified and experienced solar technicians are experts at battery storage installation.

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