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Fans still make sense

Nov 14, 2020

Fans still make sense

Fans still make sense

Even in this day and age of efficient airconditioning ceiling fans still have an important role to play.

They can reduce power bills by complimenting other forms of cooling. The key is where they are placed and what type you use for the relevant situation.

This is where Sharpe Services come in. If you have an old, noisy and ineffective fan our techs can update it to the latest technology.

If you want a ceiling fan but need the best advice on “how” and “where” Sharpe can advise, supply and install from a range of industry-leading brands.

Properly positioned and sized correctly, a ceiling fan can make the air temperature feel at least 5C degrees cooler.

Fans make a room feel fresh and much cooler than the actual temperature because the air they move increases the wind chill factor on a person’s skin.

In most cases an efficient ceiling fan is all you need to keep you cool in the bedroom on a hot night.

Flies and mosquitoes do not like moving air so installing fans above dining tables or kitchen areas can dissuade flying invaders. This also makes them a great option for barbecue and patio areas.

The latest generation ceiling fans are extremely efficient, with improvements to motors, remote controls, blade design and less weight meaning they move more air quietly and use a lot less electricity doing this.

So call Sharpe Services today and find out how a ceiling fan can add summer comfort at minimal cost.

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