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Dodgy Switchboards

Nov 13, 2020

Dodgy Switchboards

Dodgy Switchboards

Another day, another set of dodgy electrics to sort out. In this case the house lost power totally.

SA Power Networks checked it out and deemed the switchboard so out of date and dangerous that they disconnected the power supply until it had been replaced.

We could write a book on the potential dangers of original old switchboards. Quite apart from the fact they often contain asbestos, their ceramic fuses are a very marginal form of personal protection.

There are so many other things that can go wrong, most of them revolving around the fact we use a lot more electrical appliances than our forebears did when these switchboards were first installed.

Overloaded switchboards cause house fires and are an electrocution risk. Don’t take changes. A switchboard upgrade won’t send you broke. Also be aware that a non-compliant switchboard can put your insurance policy at risk.

Sharpe Services soon fitted a sleek and safe new switchboard at this property and everyone was happy.

Are your household’s electrics up-to-date and meeting current legal standards?

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