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Did the Storm affect you?

Nov 12, 2020

Did the Storm affect you?

Did the Storm affect you?

How did your solar, and general household electrics, survive the big lightning attack? Over 100,000 lighting strikes were recorded in one night.

Sharpe Services urges all householders to check their solar inverter for any possible error codes.

While storm damage to household electrics often is obvious, with solar being up on the roof a lot can go wrong without anyone knowing. Older systems, which often don’t have the sophisticated monitoring of the latest generation technology, are most affected.

Isolating switches take the brunt of a storm. How old is your isolator? Is it one of the models that has been subject to recall since 2014? If not, how well insulated against weather is your isolator.

With milder weather predicted for the rest of this week, today is the time to answer these questions by getting a Sharpe Services specialist to safety check your solar system.

 Sharpe’s techs can also give your isolator the ultimate protection against potential summer UV damage by fitting a weatherproof cover.

How safe is your solar? Do you have one of the isolators subject to industry recall?

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