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Declare war on vermin

Nov 15, 2020

Declare war on vermin

Declare war on vermin​

Heard any strange scrabbling sounds in the roof lately? How about a bit of scratching in the walls?

If you haven’t you are one of the lucky ones. This time of the year Sharpe Services get a lot of callouts to fix electrical issues caused by vermin taking up residence for some spring breeding and nesting.

Make no mistake. These unwanted tenants can cost you big-time if you don’t evict them immediately.

Sharpe techs have recently fixed cabling and switchboard issues caused by birds, rats and possums. To do this they have had to climb into the corners of roof spaces or even lift cladding to find and fix the damage done.

Possums are experts at breaking into roof spaces. They are quite happy to chew down wooden beams and bearers to gain access. Those same sharp teeth make quick work of any electrical cabling that gets in the way.

Similarly, birds and rats seem strangely attracted to the plastic insulation cabling on electrical wiring.

Breaks in wiring may not be obvious, particularly if you only have circuit breakers, not RCD protection, on your switchboard. Symptoms include flickering lights or a powerpoint that has suddenly stopped working.

When they settle in for spring these vermin quickly establish roosting nests by tearing up insulation and dragging in leaves and sticks from the garden.

Obviously this creates a fire risk, let alone the potential for health issues from their daily pollution.

Sharpe Services experienced, fully qualified and insured techs are available now to check if your household electrics are safe and sound.

Don’t ignore any unusual sounds in your roof or walls. If your electrics are starting to play up, it could well mean an unwelcome house guest has arrived. Give Sharpe Services a call.

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