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A/C Holiday Request denied

Nov 18, 2020

A/C Holiday Request denied

A/C Holiday Request denied

Just as the hot weather arrived this air conditioner decided to take a holiday. So the homeowners put an urgent call through to Sharpe Services.

Our experienced, fully certified and experienced tech was soon at their Burnside property and getting out the diagnostic tools.

While it may sound complicated, reverse-cycle ducted air conditioning works on a simple principle that relies on fans.

These draw hot air over refrigerant and the cooled air is pushed back into the ducted system.

Fans can fail through being overstressed by a build-up of dirt or overheated by working too hard if the system wasn’t sized right for the area it is cooling or heating. Broken relays and loose wiring are other potential issues.

In this case an indoor fan had failed and needed replacement.

The latest-generation ducted reverse-cycle airconditioners are robust and reliable. Regular professional servicing will keep them running at peak efficiency, saving you money in running costs.

Is your airconditioner underperforming or overdue for a scheduled service?

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