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Unexpected Blocked Drains?

Oct 27, 2020

Unexpected Blocked Drains?

Unexpected Blocked Drains?

Got a blocked drain? Does your pipework need upgrading? Has a leak in your bathroom turned into a disaster requiring a full rebuild of the plumbing?

All these are issues Sharpe Services deal with 7 days a week. With 30 vans and over 40 years in business there isn’t a problem Sharpe hasn’t handled.

Sharpe Services have fully qualified techs covering six trades. This means that if in the process of fixing the plumbing you need an electrician to move a powerpoint, or a gas fitter to install a new water heater, Sharpe has techs available immediately.

These different trades can dovetail their expertise on a job, getting it finished quickly and efficiently. All work is guaranteed.

Repeat business and word of mouth recommendations, backed up by the ability to carry out professional repairs on time and within a budget, are the foundation stones of Sharpe Services’ decades of service. 

Sharpe Services’ techs are experts in all types of plumbing and drainage issues.

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