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Slugged by a high bill

Oct 14, 2020

Slugged by a high bill

Slugged by a high bill

An unusually high power bill prompted this household to contact Sharpe Services to make sure their solar system was operating properly.

Sharpe’s experienced solar tech soon located the cause of the monster power bill. Part of the solar array had stopped producing energy.

Further investigation revealed a rooftop isolating switch was showing signs over overheating, with internal burn marks.

It’s not uncommon for an older isolator to fail after years of summer heat and winter storms.

Sharpe’s tech replaced the isolator switch with a quality modern version and fitted a weatherproof cover for ultimate protection.

How old is the isolating switch on your rooftop solar? Is it one of the models that has been subject to an industry recall since 2014?

The current spell of fine winter weather makes it the perfect time to get a Sharpe Services specialist around to check your solar system for safety and performance.

How safe is your solar? Do you have one of the isolators subject to industry recall? Our certified and experienced solar technicians can safety-check and service your system.

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