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Never ignore electrical symptoms

Oct 26, 2020

Never ignore electrical symptoms

Never ignore electrical symptoms

Sharpe Services techs get a lot of callouts to find and fix faults in older home electrics.

In this case a Hills house was experiencing intermittent tripping of circuit switches with bulbs blowing in different areas.

Sharpe’s certified electrician, Carl, ran his specialist testing equipment over the switchboard to determine exactly how much electrical current was flowing and where. He soon had the problems diagnosed and ready to be fixed professionally.

By law, only fully certified and insured electricians are allowed to test switchboards and electrical circuits.

Home-handy-types should never attempt to work on household electrics as it could have disastrous results both for them and the occupants of the building.

Sharpe Services offers a range of home electrical services to ensure your switchboard and electrics are safe and compliant with current industry standards.

A switchboard upgrade by Sharpe Services’ experienced and fully-licensed techs is an affordable way to future-proof your family’s safety.

Are your household’s electrics up-to-date and meeting current legal standards? Lights flickering? Hearing a Buzzing noise in your switchboard.

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