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Error code explained

Oct 29, 2020

Error code explained

Error code explained

It pays to regularly check the display panel on your solar system’s inverter. An error code means it’s not operating properly, costing you money in lost production.

When the owners of this property noticed their older inverter was displaying the message “Error! Int. Error E031” they called Sharpe Services.

In simple terms the error code means this inverter was now unable to measure electrical voltage correctly.

Sharpe techs are skilled at dealing with a range of inverter problems. Some of the most common are original bad installations, with wrong cabling and other components compromising performance; overheating, usually caused by it being located where it gets full summer sun; and short-circuits, often the result of thunderstorms or incorrect overload protection.

In this case the inverter had to be replaced but with a supply line to the solar industry’s leading brands, Sharpe soon had it fixed.

If any component fails on your solar system, call Sharpe Services. We can work on any brand of solar.

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