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Electrical safety guaranteed

Oct 6, 2020

Electrical safety guaranteed

Electrical safety guaranteed

Here’s why it’s important to get one of Sharpe Services’ safety inspections undertaken if you have concerns about your household’s electrics.

At this Adelaide property our tech discovered out-of-date smoke alarms required by law to be updated, insulation tape disguising broken external electrical cabling, incorrectly installed lighting and wiring, and no safety protection on the lighting circuit.

All were potential safety hazards and a warning to anyone experiencing symptoms of potential electrical issues. This could be lights that flicker occasionally, switches that make a clicking sound when turned on or off, or safety switches that keep tripping.

Sharpe Services’ fully qualified, insured and experienced techs are available now to make sure your electrics are safe, up-to-date and meeting compliance.

There is no excuse to ever take a risk with electricity.

Whether it’s a house, a block of units, office or factory, Sharpe Services are here to help with 30 vans and over 40 years of experience in business.

Do you have any concerns about your property’s electrics possibly not being up-to-date and meeting current compliance? Our fully-licensed electricians can ensure your switchboard and associated electrics are legal and safe.

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