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Desperate House wiring

Oct 25, 2020

Desperate House wiring

Desperate House wiring

With 30 vans and over 40 years in business, Sharpe Services has attended some pretty amazing household disasters.

This desperate attempt to stop a switchboard safety switch from tripping by taping it up had even our most experienced techs shaking their heads.

If you ever have a safety switch that keeps tripping, let Sharpe Services sort it for you.

When that switch activates it is potentially saving your house from a fire and occupants from possible electrocution. It really is a lifesaver and there is so much information around on safety switches it seems amazing anyone would want to tamper with one.

In this case the safety switch was clearly marked “test monthly”. By pressing the test button you can confirm that the switch will operate immediately. If it doesn’t, don’t turn it on again. Phone Sharpe Services on 131750 for professional help.

That test is as far as a householder is allowed to go when it comes to electrical.

The Metropolitan Fire Service has very clear advice on this subject: “A qualified electrician must carry out all work on the electrical system of a house and may also assist in identifying the cause of fuses that continually blow or circuit breakers that continue to trip.”

It also says householders should ensure all new electrical items are compliant with the relevant Australian Standards.

Sharpe Services offers a very affordable electrical & smoke alarm safety service, which includes a safety switch changeover if required.

Safety switches have a lifespan. If they are not tested regularly the internal mechanism can lock up, which means they have stopped doing their job of protecting your family. So don’t take chances, book an electrical & smoke alarm safety service check now.

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