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Deep clean for health

Oct 17, 2020

Deep clean for health

Deep clean for health

A dirty reverse-cycle air conditioner is a potential health risk. A build-up of mould will also compromise its operating efficiency.

Sharpe Services got a call recently to this system, which had not been professionally serviced for several years.

Our tech performed one of Sharpe’s deep cleans and soon had everything back to normal.

Industry research confirms just 30 per cent of households book a professional clean and service annually.

This results in millions of dollars being wasted every year due to inefficient use of energy and breakdown repairs.

A poorly serviced air-conditioner will gobble up more energy than a well-maintained unit. Internal dust and poor maintenance are leading causes of  breakdowns.

Every year fire authorities warn of the risk to lives and property by operating air-conditioning systems that haven’t been professionally serviced and had defective parts identified and replaced.

With a supply chain to the industry’s best and most trusted brands, Sharpe Services can service and repair any air conditioner or supply the most appropriate replacement system.

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