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Cool facts on ceiling fans

Oct 10, 2020

Cool facts on ceiling fans

Cool facts on ceiling fans

What can make the air temperature feel at least 5C degrees cooler while providing light and also keeping flies and mosquitoes at bay?

It’s the ceiling fan, a simple device that dates back to 17th Century India but is still relevant in this modern age of air-conditioning.

Ceiling fans have been in and out of fashion since electric versions with integral lighting were first mass-produced in the 1920s. But they always make a comeback when energy prices spike.

The latest generation ceiling fans are extremely efficient, with improvements to motors, remote controls, blade design and less weight meaning they move more air quietly and use a lot less electricity doing this.

Fans make a room feel fresh and much cooler than the actual temperature because the air they move increases the wind chill factor on a person’s skin.

In most cases an efficient ceiling fan is all you need to keep you cool in the bedroom on a hot night.

Flies and mosquitoes do not like moving air so installing fans above dining tables or kitchen areas can dissuade flying invaders. This also makes them a great option for barbecue and patio areas.

If you already have a fan but it is noisy or wobbly and doesn’t seem to do much, chances are it is old. Replacement with the latest version and correct installation will soon sort this but it’s crucial to get the right fan.

And that’s where Sharpe Services comes in. With a huge choice on the market you can waste many hours doing the rounds of the show rooms.

However, one call to Sharpe Group gets you a direct line to a company with experience in all aspects of home cooling, including ceiling fans.

Sharpe Services has an installed price and the right fan to suit any situation.

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