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Blocked drains risk health

Oct 16, 2020

Blocked drains risk health

Blocked drains risk health

This time of year Sharpe Services techs get lots of calls to properties suffering the after-effects of a long and wet winter.

Roots getting into drains is just one of the many issues our techs sort out every day of the week.

Just a few days ago Sharpe Services got an emergency call to a property where drains from the laundry and kitchen were overflowing at the inspections points.

Sure enough, roots had invaded the common drain running from the house.

Overflowing household drains are a potential health risk, so act now if you have any doubts about your drainage systems.

Gurgling sounds, water becoming slow to empty from sinks, showers and toilets, or water pooling around floor drains are all signs that a blockage is developing.

Call Sharpe Services today for expert help and the best advice about how to develop a strategy to avoid drain blockages.

Sharpe Services are available now to resolve any plumbing and drainage issue. Call us today.

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