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Avoid the Evap leak

Oct 24, 2020

Avoid the Evap leak

Avoid the Evap leak

This is why you need to get your evaporative cooler professionally serviced on a regular basis.

The owners of this property thought their cooler was OK, until water started dripping through the plasterboard ceiling.

A float valve had stuck open and the resulting water leak damaged the ceiling. This was totally preventable and shows the importance of booking in a professional scheduled service.

With 30 vans and over 40 years in business, Sharpe Services know all about evaps. We know how to keep them running efficiently, how to affordably repair older systems and how to upgrade them if necessary.

One of our pre-season scheduled services involves a full inspection that includes cleaning and testing for safety and efficiency.

Then you get a ticked-off report, signed by the tech responsible.

Our signed check list gives you peace of mind as any potential electrical safety and water health issues, along with any operating shortcomings, have been identified.

To keep systems operating reliably all summer our techs test water flow, fan speed and air flow, alignment of crucial drive belts and pulleys along with lubrication of critical components.

The ducting, connections and outlets are also examined while filters are cleaned or replaced.

Sharpe Services work on all major brands and will ensure they are operating to the manufacturer’s specification.

If your system is old and needs upgrading it’s reassuring to know Sharpe Services can supply and install the latest-generation, industry-leading evaps.

Sharpe Services are available now to open up your evap for summer. Call us today.

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