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Arthritis-friendly taps

Oct 21, 2020

Arthritis-friendly taps

Arthritis-friendly taps

It’s long been recognized that gardening nurtures many health benefits, including keeping people physically active and helping reduce levels of anxiety and depression.

These three factors are key aspects of living with arthritis and so there is a movement towards adapting gardens for people with joint paint and a limited range of movement.

One of the easiest and most effective changes that can be made is to convert garden taps to ones with a quarter-turn operation.

Sharpe Services can supply and install the best-quality quarter-turn taps that are leak-proof and not affected by Adelaide’s lime-calcification problems.

Their ball-valve design means they never require a new washer and can last at least 10 years and often over 30.  The one-piece brass body provides greater strength and eliminates leaks.

Of course, the ease of operation of these taps makes them a practical option for all gardeners.

Call Sharpe Services today and transform your gardening experience. We are available now to attend to any plumbing issue. Call us today.

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