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Air-conditioner’s dirty secret

Oct 2, 2020

Air-conditioner’s dirty secret

Air-conditioner’s dirty secret

This is what happens if you neglect your reverse-cycle air-conditioner.

Sharpe Services was called in after the owners noticed the outdoor fan had become noisy.

The filter hadn’t been cleaned for years and this was putting a huge strain on the overall system. Dust and contaminants were getting into the working parts of the unit, potentially jamming such components as fans, motors and valves.

It was a quality system that had been manufactured in 2008. With scheduled professional servicing, it should have a long lifespan.

However, if it had been left much longer before being serviced by Sharpe’s air conditioning tech, many other issues could have developed.

Our certified tech, Jason, replaced the filter and the fan. All other aspects of the A/C system, such as temperature output, air flow in the various zones and the condition of the ducting and dampers, was tested and confirmed to be up to standard.

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