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A/C Turning itself Off

Oct 30, 2020

A/C Turning itself Off

A/C Turning itself Off

Sharpe Services gets lots of callouts this time of year to fix reverse-cycle air conditioners.

This time a split-system kept turning itself off. The homeowners thought it might be the thermostat playing up.

Our experienced, fully certified and experienced tech got out the diagnostic tools and soon sourced the problem. A pipe carrying refrigerant around the system was leaking from a joint.

A new flared joint was created and the pipe reconnected. Then the system was regassed with R410A refrigerant, which has zero ozone depletion potential and is considered the greenest option.

Refrigerants are kept under high pressure as it circulates around an aircon unit. Over time joints in the lines may degrade and minor leaks appear. This is just another reason why it is essential you get a scheduled service by Sharpe to identify these sorts of issues before they become a disaster.

Sharpe Services techs have a supply chain to the air conditioning industry’s best and most trusted brands with genuine parts backup.

Is your air-conditioner old, underperforming or overdue for a scheduled service? Our fully-licensed technicians can assess what needs to be done to get it running efficiently for summer.

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