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A/C Fried Gekko

Oct 8, 2020

A/C Fried Gekko

A/C Fried Gekko

Sharpe Services techs are at the forefront of air-conditioning technology and up-to-date with the latest industry advances.

That’s why we get lots of requests for advice when householders realise their heating and cooling systems are underperforming.

In this case, our experienced, fully certified and experienced tech was called to this north-eastern suburb property when the homeowners discovered their air-conditioner was only operating on the heating cycle.

They needed it set up for summer cooling and decided to beat the pre-season service rush by calling Sharpe Services straight away.

Wildlife had infiltrated the main control unit, shorting it out. Coupled with some other issues it was decided that an affordable efficient replacement was the best option.

As well as having all the vital trade techs available Sharpe Services has a supply chain to the reverse-cycle air-conditioning industry’s best and most trusted brands. This means we can complete affordable repairs or advise on and supply the most appropriate replacement.

Is your air-conditioner old, breaking down or simply underperforming? Or does it need a pre-season service? Our fully-licensed technicians can assess if it needs replacement, updating or an overdue service.

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