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Time to think about the evap

Sep 5, 2020

Time to think about the evap

Time to think about the evap

Got your evaporative air-conditioning system’s opening date written up on the calendar? You should book it in now because there is always a rush for professional servicing when spring starts feeling like summer.

With 30 vans and over 40 years in business, Sharpe Services know all about evaps. We know how to keep them running efficiently, how to affordably repair older systems and have upgrade options that are extremely water and energy efficient and very quiet. The basis of Sharpe Services’ pre-season inspection and test is an extensive written report on all aspects of your system.

Our certified techs will sign a check list that ensures any potential electrical safety and water health issues, along with any operating shortcomings, have been identified.

To keep systems operating reliably all summer our techs test water flow, fan speed and air flow, alignment of crucial drive belts and pulleys along with lubrication of critical components.

The ducting, connections and outlets are also examined while filters are cleaned or replaced.

Sharpe Services work on all major brands and will ensure they are operating to the manufacturer’s specification.

Did you know that when servicing is neglected there is a risk the filter pads could collapse? Not only will this drag down the system’s performance it also means water could be leaking into your ceiling.

Faulty fan motors and pumps are another common problem Sharpe techs come across. These have the potential to start a house fire, which could spread quickly through the system’s ducting.

If your system needs upgrading it’s reassuring to know Sharpe Services can supply and install the latest-generation evaporative coolers.

The benefits of evap air-conditioning are low energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, modest running costs and cool air with increased humidity, perfect for our dry climate.

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