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Stormwater drain alert

Sep 20, 2020

Stormwater drain alert

Stormwater drain alert

Weather forecasters are predicting a spring and early summer of fluctuating downpours and humid, hot conditions.

This is the perfect environment for household drainage systems, such as stormwater and sewer lines, to get blocked.

Any little crack or imperfection is an open invitation for plants to invade, as roots seek an easy water source. Other big problems are old brittle drains or when pipes are cracked after paving is laid and the soil is aggressively compacted.

This results in dirt entering the drain and blocking it, usually where it turns 90-degrees.

Sharpe Services has decades of experience in all these matters. We know that when a sudden downpour occurs it puts most strain on stormwater drains.

Whereas sewer lines are subject to a steady flow of water, stormwater piping has to handle flood-like conditions as litres of water per second funnel down to the outlet.

If a blockage occurs patios, gardens and even house foundations can be flooded within seconds.

Recently Sharpe Services was called to this outer-Adelaide suburb when the homeowners noticed water pooling under a swimming pool fence whenever there was a heavy downpour.

It was a delicate situation, which required an experienced plumber to investigate and fix without creating expensive damage to the pool fence or pavers.

Sharpe’s tech went about the work efficiently, carefully sourcing the leak, caused by compacted soil splitting the pipe.

The broken section was replaced and an inspection point fitted. It’s always useful to have access to pipework where it turns.

The big lesson here is: choose your plumber carefully for fiddly jobs.

Sharpe’s tech made this repair in a timely manner and the bill presented was very modest and gratefully accepted by the homeowners.

Make Sharpe Services your first call when rain creates flooding at your place.

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