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Spring drain strain

Sep 13, 2020

Spring drain strain

Spring drain strain

Rain, warm dry days, then another downpour makes spring the most dangerous time for household drainage systems.

The forecast for the next few weeks is a repeat cycle of rain, sun and rain which will encourage garden growth to invade pipework.

Sewer lines and stormwater drains are at risk from blockage as roots pierce cracks or compromised joints, seeking out more moisture as the main plant grows.

Sharpe Services has had decades of experience in unblocking drains and knows how to complete the job without damaging delicate earthenware/clay or PVC pipes.

Symptoms of clogged sewer pipes include gurgling sounds in the bathroom drains or a toilet that doesn’t flush properly. This is a potential health risk so call Sharpe Services.

A sudden spurt of garden growth along a wall or boundary could mean roots have infiltrated a cracked stormwater drain.

Sharpe Services’ techs are experts in clearing and unblocking delicate stormwater and drainage pipes.

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