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Solar set for summer

Sep 23, 2020

Solar set for summer

Solar set for summer

This inner-Adelaide household wanted to make sure they would be getting full value from their solar system this summer.

So they beat the rush and ordered a Sharpe Services spring clean, test and check of their 16-panel system. which was spread across two roof surfaces to capture as much sun as possible.

Sharpe’s solar tech Dean started by washing the panels, which had become coated in winter grime.

He then verified the safety and performance of all aspects of the system. This included panel output, condition of inverter and isolating switches, integrity of seals, mounting brackets and whether the cabling was securely attached using current industry standard clips.

Over 18 different aspects of the system and associated components were ticked off on a signed checklist and presented to the homeowner.

Sharpe Services takes pride in our extensive scheduled solar service program, which can uncover potential issues long before they become problems.

How well set up is your solar to take advantage of summer’s peak production days?

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