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Solar Hot Water Replacement

Sep 11, 2020

Solar Hot Water Replacement

Solar Hot Water Replacement

Rooftop solar hot water systems have been around for decades. The first truly eco-friendly form of water heating, they kick-started a huge industry.

Sharpe Services techs are experienced in the service and repair of all hot water brands. But when it comes time to replace your solar hot water system, Sharpe only supplies and installs industry-leading brands with the best quality and warranties.

Recently Sharpe replaced an older solar hot water system with the latest version on this Christie Downs property. Designed in Australia with the tank manufactured under strict quality control in Sydney, the new system has proven reliability.

Its simple thermosiphon operation means it doesn’t need circulating pumps and electronic controllers. Having everything mounted on the roof also frees up usable space at ground level.

Sharpe Services’ fully qualified and insured techs removed the old system and replaced the solar hot water system in a clean, efficient and seamless process.

Recent technological advances have vastly increased solar hot water system effectiveness, even during overcast days. Call Sharpe today for advice on the best one for your home.

Remember, regular professional servicing adds many more years to a hot water system’s life than the manufacturer specifies.

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