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Slick new evap install

Sep 10, 2020

Slick new evap install

Slick new evap install

Sharpe Services techs don’t just do maintenance and repairs. They can give you the full picture when it comes to assessing your home’s cooling needs.

Recently this inner southern suburb household called Sharpe for advice on their best cooling options heading into summer.

Our experts assessed their situation and it was agreed that an efficient ducted evaporative air-conditioning system would work best for them.

South Australia’s dry summers are perfect for evaporative air-conditioners. They operate by drawing hot air across water-moistened filters to create a comfortable, allergy-free, asthma-safe environment.

In recent years the technology has moved ahead in leaps and bounds. As well as operating more efficiently, saving on running costs, the latest systems come with an intuitive, easy-to-operate, touch-screen control panel. You can even pre-set cooling for various zones remotely via a smart-phone app.

Last week Sharpe Services completed the final installation. You be the judge on how professional, neat and clean it looks.

Is your evap out of date, on its last legs or simply underperforming? Or does it just need a Service Or Clean?

Sharpe’s certified techs service, supply and install the best evap air conditioners for Adelaide.

Book a Service or Repair, or get a quote for new Evaporative Air Conditioning system with Sharpe Services.

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