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Safety switch trips after storm

Sep 3, 2020

Safety switch trips after storm

Safety switch trips after storm

After a dry July the rain returned in August and Sharpe Services soon found themselves at the forefront of household emergencies.

In this case in Unley a safety switch keeps tripping, cutting power to part of the house.

The occupants did the right thing and called the professionals to investigate.

Sharpe Services, with 30 vans and over 40 years attending household emergencies, can be there within the hour to address situations like this.

Sharpe’s fully qualified and insured tech soon worked out that stormwater had got into the roof space, flooding a light fitting.

Safety switches are vital protection for household electrics and, since 1991, have been required to be fitted in all new homes and in buildings where electrical circuits are altered or added.

If your home was built before this time, it may not be compliant. Contact Sharpe Services if you have any doubts about your electrics not being up to date.

Has water got into any of your household electrics during the recent storms?

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