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Rust never sleeps

Sep 29, 2020

Rust never sleeps

Rust never sleeps

Many older houses have galvanised-steel mains water supply lines. Eventually they begin to rust.

The main warning sign is reduced water pressure, which gives a slower flow rate at the tap.

Did you know that galvanised steel pipes rust from the inside out, making their terminal decline invisible?

What happens is the corrosion builds up inside the pipe. As the degraded steel becomes thinner, the risk of a rupture and flooding increases.

Sharpe Services was called to this Elizabeth property when the owners noticed a reduction in water delivery to their bathroom. Our tech replaced the rusted pipework with the modern copper equivalent.

Copper is much more resistant to corrosion. However, under the right conditions, ageing copper pipes can develop pinpoint leaks called “pitting corrosion”.

Whenever you have a plumber at your property it pays to get them to check the condition of your mains supply lines.

Early detection of potential problems prevents the need for costly repairs in the future.

Call Sharpe Services for any water or pipe issues at home or Book a Comprehensive Home Plumbing Service to get your home’s plumbing fully inspected. 

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