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Recognise warning signs

Sep 17, 2020

Recognise warning signs

Recognise warning signs


The occupants of this northern suburbs property called Sharpe Services when the pipes on their gas hot water storage system started making “banging sounds”.

Sharpe tech Shaun was soon on the scene, checking all components and testing gas and water pressure to see if there were any leaks.

The noise was caused by a relief valve leaking water. The lever on these should be raised and lowered every six months or so to make sure they are working freely.

Call Sharpe if you see any of these warning signs: reduced hot water performance, a leaking pressure relief valve, rust around the storage tank and pipework fittings, popping sounds (water trapped and bubbling under sediment as tank heats), a sulphur smell and the flame not burning a healthy blue colour.

The average system lifespan 10 years can be nearly doubled with regular professional servicing and testing.

Sharpe Services are available for all your gas and hot water problems at home.  For emergencies, such as no hot water, we can be there within the hour! Call us today.

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