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Pipe leaks can be costly

Sep 4, 2020

Pipe leaks can be costly

Pipe leaks can be costly

Small water leaks can become big problems in the home if not identified early as this recent callout to an inner-Adelaide suburbs bathroom shows.

A water leak in a cold water supply line resulted in the shower area having to be pulled apart to be repaired. Sharpe Services’ fully qualified and insured plumber Scott very carefully removed enough tiles to identify the source of the leak and replace the corroded length of pipe.

The culprit was the nail from a badly installed saddle bracket that had been resting on the copper pipe, eventually creating terminal corrosion.

If this water leak had been left undetected the entire wall of the shower would have become water-logged, requiring a complete renovation.

Water leaks from internal pipes in walls display several symptoms that are useful to know.

These include loose tiles, as dampness weakens the bonding material. On rendered walls cracking, mould or small areas of dampness are other warning signs.

Remember, early detection prevents costly repairs.

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