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Lights tripping safety switch?

Sep 9, 2020

Lights tripping safety switch?

Lights tripping safety switch?

This block of flats in an inner-Adelaide suburb had a problem. The exterior lights in the communal car park were tripping that circuit’s safety switch.

The tenants had replaced the light bulbs but the problem appeared much more serious than just old globes wearing out.

The strata title representative phoned Sharpe Services and we soon had our experienced electrician out on site.

He found a long-term issue with burnt wiring in a light pole and a faulty day-night sensor.

Sharpe Services’ are available now to make sure your electrics are safe, up-to-date and meeting compliance.

The big lesson here is never take a risk with electricity. If a safety switch keeps tripping call a qualified expert to investigate as soon as you can.

Speak to Sharpe about their Home Electrical Safety Service & Safety Switch Changeover Spring Offer today.

Do you have any concerns about your property’s electrics possibly not being up-to-date and meeting current compliance?

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